There’s just so much that goes into strength training and conditioning. From techniques applied to the tools used, all the small and big variables that contribute to the training procedure have an undeniable role to play. Therefore, making the right selection and maintaining consistency in terms of practicing the correct form is crucial. 

Nevertheless, the variety of equipment in the gym, especially the types of barbells, may generate confusion on which one can exactly to equip in training the desired muscle groups effectively in the session. EZ bar, also known as the zigzag curl bar, is one of those highly ignored and misunderstood gym tools. Contrary to what your first impression might have been, the EZ curl bar can be utilized in a number of ways beyond simple curls. 

This article is your one-stop destination to understand all about what EZ bar is and how it can simplify your experience while enhancing the efficacy of your training sessions in the gym. As a bonus, we have also combined several effective EZ bar workouts for you by the end. Stay tuned!

What is an EZ Curl Bar? 

Spotting an EZ bar in a gym is relatively easy. They are angled bars with a zig-zag shape. These are designed for supplementing the biceps, triceps, and upper body strength exercises. 

EZ curl bars are primarily 4.3ft long and measure 10kgs in weight. The bar can support up to 300kgs of weight plates, best if loaded with 2” Olympic weight plates. The grip diameter is about 28mm and the bar is knurled for ensuring a firmer hold. The EZ curl bars may vary a bit in diameter and weight statistics. To begin with, holding about and around the 50mm diameter can effectively remove weak links at the grip and coordination as you are training and help to target the wrists and forearms. Zero knurlings on the bar permit a more secure hold and a tight grip.

Is an EZ Curl Bar Better than a Straight Curl Bar? 

When we train with a regular straight bar, the palms face the rod which increases the chances of bending the wrists and losing the right form while lifting. The wrong form takes no time in translating into injuries and undesirable pain which may negatively impact your performance. EZ curl bars can be held at an ease due to the angular construction. It helps training despite stiff wrists and issues with grip. An EZ bar could be held more firmly than a straight curl bar. It poses fewer threats to injuries. Moreover one can lift heavier weights on an EZ rod since it is considerably lighter than the straight rod.

If you are building your way up to professional training, a straight rod is more impactful than an EZ rod. The latter is more of a supplement bar that helps you break the monotony and give your muscle a variety with respect to the training. If you don’t have issues with your wrist or localized pain in the forearm, using straight bars for curls can maximize the growth of the biceps. Otherwise, EZ bars are there to back you up.

Notable Benefits of Using an EZ Curl Bar? 

Comfortable grip 

We have different preferences with respect to strength training. That said, we are also on different levels of expertise and endurance to perform the workouts. While a straight barbell might be easy to handle for some, others may have their concerns with the strain that it puts on wrists. EZ curl bars can dramatically reduce the pressure on the forearm and wrist, allowing an angled grip for better comfort. 

Manageable size

EZ curl bars are more practical in their design as compared to straight bars. They are relatively lighter and smaller, assisting you in saving space or fitting it into your home workout series. It takes less room and effectively trains the upper body. 

Better isolation 

Many lifters prefer to train with an EZ curl bar over a straight bar for a better bicep and tricep workout. Instead of using the dominant section of your targeted muscle groups, EZ bars help in targeting specific parts of the muscles. This can aid in maximizing the benefits of a session of upper body strength training. 

5 effective EZ Curl Bar Exercises for Massive Arms

1. Preacher Curls

Target your Biceps with Preacher curls

  1. Load the EZ bar with the desired amount of weight that can ideally challenge your strength without causing injuries 
  2. Keep your arms shoulder-width apart as you sit down on the preacher bench and grab the EZ curl bar in a close and comfortable grip.
  3. Get the bar out of the rack slowly, keeping your spine straight and chest out. Breathe normally and make sure you have no unnecessary strain on the wrists. 
  4. Raise the bar up doing the upward move for the lift until your forearm is vertical to the ground. Focus on contracting the bicep while performing the lift.
  5. Bring the bar down gradually to the starting position. Utilize your biceps and not shoulders while doing the lift. Keeping your arms out and eyes straight can help you reduce the involvement of the shoulders.
  6. The eccentric phase or the movement of lowering the weights should take no longer or lesser time than the concentric phase of lifting the EZ curl bar up

2. Lying Skullcrushers

Target your triceps in isolation as you perform the Lying skull crushers.

  1. Lay on your back over a bench or raised platform with your spine at rest and knees making a fairly 90-degree angle. Ensure that your foot lays flat on the ground.
  2. Release the EZ bar from the rack and hold it right above yourself with your hands shoulder-width apart, palms facing up while gripping the rod and elbows bending gently. 
  3. Lock the elbows and lower the bar, as if going behind your head, until the head of the weight plates is in a line with the benchtop. You can keep it farther as you begin and get deeper with the crusher as you advance.
  4. Hold the position for a second and feel your tricep getting tested. Tighten the tricep muscle and bring the bar back to the initial position.

3. Standing Overhead Tricep Extensions

It is a simple and non-complicated exercise that targets the area near your tricep which sags down as you age. It keeps your arm toned and strength intact while growing older.

  1. Stand straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart 
  2. Load the EZ curl bar with the desired weight. Since it reduced the weak links between the arm and wrists while eliminating the chances of twisting, performing the workout with an EZ curl bar can be much effective and easier. 
  3. Closely grip the bar with palms facing down. Raise the bar closer to your chin, stabilize yourself and press it overhead by lowering the bar at the back of your head. 
  4. Straighten your arms and lift the bar right up. Return to the initial position behind your head. This is one rep of the workout. Since it is a risky position and you may drop the bar when you’re past the limits, try to get escorted by a spotter or trainer in working out. 

4. Spider Curls

Train your biceps efficiently with the spider curls. It may look a bit awkward as you get started but definitely, it can help you grow bigger arms and train your arm muscles better. You may ask for a spotter’s help as you do the workout.

  1. Load the EZ bars with as much weight as you feel comfortable working with. Place the weight bar on the seat of a preacher curl bench where you would otherwise sit to perform the preacher curls.
  2. Move to the opposite side and stick your chest to the preacher bench where your arms otherwise are placed while performing preacher curls. 
  3. Lay down on the top of the preacher bench with your stomach and chest at a 45-degree angle. Ensure that you are stable and well-balanced with no risks of sliding or slipping off. 
  4. Place your arms within the inside pad of the bench and grab the EZ curl bar in a convenient grip. Your forearm must be straight and in line with the shoulders. 
  5. Lift the bar up and down, training your biceps and the sides. 

5. Seated Drag Curls

The seated drag curl performed with the EZ bar works the brachialis, the muscle present in our biceps, underlining the biceps brachii. The workout further activates the brachioradialis, which is technically the most prominent forearm muscle.

  1. Load the bar with the desired weight. Sit as straight as you can and hold the EZ bar with the palms facing up in a supinated grip. 
  2. Keep your arms in a line with your shoulders, allowing the bar to rest on the tops of your thighs. Keep the bar closer to your body and don’t keep it, father, at the knees – it is the wrong way to do the workout.
  3. Throw your chest out and hold your spine and head straight. Look forward and face in a straight direction.
  4. Now pull the elbows back holding the bar and tighten your biceps in contraction to “drag” the EZ bar up the torso, closer to your shoulders.
  5. Range the pull between an overhead position and the chest/ upper-abs level, limiting to a two-count contraction of the bicep. 
  6. Slowly reverse the movement and bring the bar to the initial position.

Wrapping Up

No matter if you are new to lifting or have achieved a substantial amount of endurance with the training, EZ curl bars can be used by almost anyone across any ability. They are pretty useful for new trainees as they lack strength and endurance. It also assists in improving the exercise’s form and developing the skill for lifting. The variety offered by EZ bars is also beneficial in empowering your session with variety and progress. 

We hope the article could deliver you some exciting and valuable insights!

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