Working out on a regular basis leads to increase of protein consumption, that’s when protein powders come to picture. The reason for this is that protein is required for muscle repair. Whatever flavor you like, protein contains many components and additions that ease digestion, improve taste, and, most importantly, guarantee it satisfies high quality criteria that make it safe to consume.

You may choose one based on your needs because the market is brimming with them. However, keep in mind that the protein powder should not have passed its expiration date.

Can You Drink Expired Protein Shakes?

You may still use it if it’s a pure protein powder or one that contains added ingredients. According to certain producers, the best protein powder may be consumed up to three months after the expiration date. However, the muscle-building effectiveness of protein powder reduces as the use-by-date approaches.

The cause is Maillard browning, a chemical reaction. The amino acid lysine is broken down when protein mixes with sugar left over from the whey extraction process. The protein powder will not be as effective if you do not have enough lysine. As a result, your powder will be less effective in muscle growth. Another problem with taking old protein powder is that it loses flavor.

Does An Expired Protein Shake Make You Sick?

If you’ve gulped down a protein shake be it from any brands like bodytech, Ascent, Bodylogix, only to learn it’s past expiration date, don’t worry unless it was stored in a warm climate. When ambient protein products are stored in an airtight, dry container and used within a few months of their expiry date, they are unlikely to make you sick.

When protein powder is subjected to dampness, it increases the likelihood of bacteria multiplying. It would no longer be safe to ingest in such instances. If kept properly and used within a few months, it should have no effect on protein synthesis or muscle growth.

Can An Expired Protein Shake Be Effective?

Foods like protein powders have little moisture content, making them less likely to support bacterial development. While taking protein powder soon after its expiration date is generally safe, provided the product has been properly kept, protein powders can lose protein content over time.

It’s also possible for protein powder to spoil before the expiration date, especially if it’s not stored in cold, dry circumstances. A rotten odor, bitter taste, color changes, or clumping are all symptoms that protein powder has gone bad. Consuming protein powder with one or more of these signs — regardless of expiry date — might get you sick.

How To Tell If Protein Powder Has Expired?

How To Tell If Protein Powder Has Expired?

Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether you may still use that protein powder for your recovery:

1. Check For Any Smell

Although it won’t smell as bad as sour milk, rotten protein powder will have an odd fragrance. This step is essential, especially for non-vegan whey protein powders, as they deteriorate more quickly.

2. Look Out For Molds

If any particles in the container are blue, dark grey, or green, your protein powder has been attacked and is no longer safe for consumption. The presence of mold is a clear indication that the protein powder has become contaminated.

You need to get rid of the odd clumps and lumps, even if the tub doesn’t have any mold. This indicates that the powder has come in contact with moisture or water. Microorganisms and bacteria flourish better in moist environments. This may cause it to deteriorate more quickly.

3. Taste The Protein Powder

If it does not smell strange and there are no visible symptoms of mildew or wetness, conduct a taste test. Take a drink of water and add a pinch of old protein powder. If it tastes off, discard it. If it doesn’t, drink it anyhow!

How To Tell If A Protein Shake Is Safe For Drinking?

Protein powder can spoil and become dangerous as it ages or is improperly stored. Knowing how to spot the indicators of an expired product can keep you safe.

The following are indications that your protein powder has expired:

  • The odor of rancidity- There is a foul smell lingering when you open that lid.
  • Color changes and clumping in powder- Customers who buy several commercially available protein powders have developed an expectation of a product that is completely white. These items have probably gone rotten if they seem yellowed or browned.
  • Astringent flavor- It starts tasting bitter, cardboard-like, is when you should know to discard it. 

If you detect these indicators, do not use the product, even if it is still within its expiration date.

Side Effects Of Expired Protein Shakes

Consuming protein that has expired may have a number of negative effects, including:

1. Bloating And Indigestion

If you eat protein that has expired due to bacterial or fungal development, your stomach’s biome gets upset. Your gut health may suffer as a result, and you may have gastrointestinal problems, including bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort.

2. Damage To Muscles

It is only logical that muscle healing won’t occur as protein that has expired won’t contribute to muscle growth or maintenance. Wear and tear from this will reduce the concentration of muscle mass and total body strength.

3. Adding pounds

Protein aids in fat breakdown, but regrettably, outdated protein does not. As a result, ingesting outdated protein may result in weight increase rather than weight loss.


Popular dietary supplements known as protein powders are derived from both plant and animal sources. Many protein powder makers specify an expiry date of two years after manufacturing, even though research shows that whey protein has a shelf life of 9 to 19 months.

This is probably made feasible by additions that enhance shelf life. If there are no indications that the protein has gone bad, as stated above in the article, eating it soon after its expiration date is probably safe. If any of these symptoms are present, they must be replaced immediately.

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