All Body Builders have muscular charisma. They love to flaunt and flex their strong biceps, diced core, and chest. If you have ever witnessed a bodybuilding competition or seen any video of bodybuilder champions, you must have noticed that they wear golden bronze skin.

You must be thinking, how is this possible? Is it the magic of bodybuilding? No, it’s all about artificial Tan. But why do bodybuilders tan? Body Builder spray tans their body to highlight their burly and attractive features below the limelight. The bodybuilder’s frame looks visually appealing when light falls on this Tan.

It is beneficial for their overall performance and competition. It makes their physique look more chiseled and bulging to the audience as they pose with all their might. In this article, we will explore some top reasons why bodybuilders use Tan on their bodies.

Reasons Why Bodybuilder Spray Tan Their Body

Reasons Why Bodybuilder Spray Tan Their Body

In a competition, it’s not just about inner muscular power or strength; it’s also somewhere about physical appearance and builds. A perfectly tanned muscle body will keep all eyes glued to the bodybuilder. Let’s see some undeniable reasons why Tan is so popular among bodybuilders.

1. Tan Makes Them Appear Thin

Ever heard about contour? Contouring is a popular trend in the beauty world. But you will be surprised to know Tan also provides the same effect to bodybuilders. It makes the body look chiseled and thinner. If you see, it’s all about shadows and highlights. Dark shades appear naturally sleek and shaped.

Therefore, Tan gives a golden brown shade to the muscles and waist area. This creates an illusion effect for viewers. The bodybuilders look lean and slimmer. This tan hack only works if the bodybuilders maintain 10% body fat in their body.

 2. Tan Highlights A Bodybuilder’s Muscles

Needless to say, this is the main reason why bodybuilders spray tan on their bodies. Tan pops out the muscle pump caused in bodybuilder’s body and makes it look more attractive. It looks more bulging and broody. The spaces between the two muscles are more prominently visible, which makes the body look toned and well-built.

Muscle volume and definition are prominent decisive factors in a bodybuilding competition for claiming the trophy. Using Tan can be a total game-changer for a bodybuilder. One or two coats of spray tan or tanning bed treatment are vital for enhancing the gym hard work of bodybuilders and taking their physique to next level of splendor.

3. Tan Stands Out Under The Bright Lights

The competition stage is illuminated with very bright lights that fall directly on the skin of bodybuilders. Tan drips glory and grandeur as a white or yellow luminous ray falls on it. Tan appears golden and brown, which tends to shine and stand out in bright surroundings.

When the spotlight hits the bodybuilder, tan makes their body look more stunning and brawny. Light skin tones reflect brightness and appear pale and faded. In contrast, Dark Skin tones soak light and cast it on the muscle definitions of the bodybuilder. It foregrounds every curve, crease, and cut attained by hours of gym training. Thus, using these tactics makes the chances of turning the judges’ seats higher.

4. Tan Helps To Hide Stretch Marks And Acne

Bodybuilders go through intense and vigorous training in the gym. Daily workouts, lifting weights, maintaining a diet, having supplements and pre-workouts can cause acne, stretch marks, and skin issues. In a competition, these little things can make a large impact and bring down the appeal of bodybuilders.

Tan comes to the rescue. Tan helps to conceal the stretch marks on the stomach and arms of the bodybuilder. It evens out the skin tone and gives flawless look to the muscles. Tan is also sprayed to rule out any visible body acne and further stand under the spotlight with perfection.

5. It Is Part Of The Competition

Gone are the days of just one parameter judgement. Today, even tanning is considered a part of the judgment process. It indirectly affects the winning decision. A bodybuilder competition is judged on 4 parameters- muscle mass/size, muscle definition, Symmetry, and Confidence.

Spraying Tan helps bodybuilders to achieve these more accurately by beautifying their physical features. Judges now not only focus on the size but also on how well the representation and appearance of bodybuilders on stage is. Let’s be clear, it’s not a hollow beauty ramp walk contest, but of course, the outlook carries considerable weight for winning the competition.

6. It Is Part Of Pop Culture

Pop culture is run by people’s likes and dislikes which make any practice, trend, object, or style popular and dominant in the present time. Tanned and bronzed muscular bodies are a significant part of today’s pop culture.

The early 2000s saw a rise in enthusiasm for spray tans after it was portrayed in shows like “The Jersey Shore.” Bodybuilders started spray tanning to resemble the characters. People like what they see and more what the world is tilting towards. Therefore, tanning is very popular and purposeful for bodybuilders.

7. Tan Boosts Confidence Among Bodybuilders

Confidence or Stage Presence matters a lot when you are on stage, under bright lights, facing a large audience, and judges with all eyes just on your body and physique. This can be quite hesitating and intimidating. But it’s very important while you present yourself as a worthy bodybuilder and display every curve and element of your body in front of the public.

This needs high self-confidence to combat any nervousness. Tan relieves the physical insecurities of bodybuilders. It elevates their muscle size and body posture giving a sense of conviction within themselves. Once the confidence is undeterred by any consciousness, the bodybuilder can flex his tanned creases and bulges in a better manner.

Spray Tan Or Tanning Bed | Which Is Safer?

Bodybuilders can choose to get tanned in different ways. In today’s world, Custom made tan sprays are also available only for bodybuilding use. The two popular methods of getting a tanned body are spray tan and tanning bed.

Spray Tans are fake tan mixtures that can be easily sprayed onto desired body parts to get that bronze finish. It is a very convenient and safe method with minute risks. A tanning bed is a professional bed-shaped device that emits UV rays to tan the body from heat. It does the job quickly and gives even skin tan on the entire body.

But scientific research and medical records have proven that UV rays increase the risk of developing skin cancers and other serious health issues. Therefore, it all comes down to the fact that Spray tans are better than tanning beds as they are safe for health and easy to apply.


Now we have learnt why do bodybuilder tan. Tan is like a special effect or filter on the body. It creates a more attractive body presence for the bodybuilders and boosts their confidence on the stage. It hides any blemishes on the body, giving a spotless appearance.

Tan highlights muscle and physique, build a thin specter, and even absorbs more light to lift the A-game of bodybuilders in quest of winning the competition. Next time you see a bodybuilder show, look closely at how Tan works like a charm on the skin.

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